Letter from Hermana Mackelprang on 10/19/15

This week was really cool because it´s been raining a lot and I love this type of weather. Our investigators have been going through a rough patch and they´re giving us a lot of excuses, but I know that with time, we´ll be able to find those people who are ready to receive the gospel. I got your letter and I really enjoyed being able to hold on to your letters here. we learned how to make braided bread from the member that we live with. It reminded me of making bread with Mom. It´s surprising how much I´ve learned about making bread that I didn’t think I learned. The weeks here go by so fast. It´s crazy. Also, I complete two months in my mission today!

MaryInSanarate makingBread1 10-20-15 DSCN0033MaryInSanarate makingBread2 10-20-15 DSCN0042 MaryInSanarate WithCompanion 10-20-15DSCN0020


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