Hermana Mary E. Mackelprang’s 1st email after arriving at the Guatemala MTC (Mission Training Center) Sent: 8/19/2015

I only have five minutes to write to you guys, but I’m doing good and I made it here safely. it’s like the jungle version of Mexico. I’m safe and they’re already speaking Spanish to us. everything here is so different, but I know that its where I’m supposed to be. never before have I felt like I belong so strongly and so well. I’m typing on a Spanish keyboard so almost every word I write is underlined in red. the flight when really well and I’ve already made a friend. her name is sister hill and she’s from Utah. the weather was perfect when we got here and I had a burrito with eggs and guacamole in it with a black bean puree type of sauce. It feels so official and i hope that everyone is doing okay. …

We rode to the MTC in yellow school buses and the traffic was crazy. I feel like I’m going to learn the language really quickly. Guatemala is sort of like a mix in between civilization and jungle. where we are looks like a normal city, except there’s a lot of trees in the area and its really green here. it’s nothing like home. the air is fresh and cool. I hope everyone is doing okay. Hermana Mackelprang’s MTC

Marcos 23 agosto 2015



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