On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 11:37 AM, Hermana Mackelprang emailed

The food here is really good. I´m definitely well taken care of. We went to the temple this morning and it´s so amazing, even though it is smaller. I miss you guys and I love you guys. I know you´ll be strong because every day for me goes by so fast. I´m in here for six weeks. The first week is already over, and it doesn´t feel like it. I´m in a companionship trio because I guess they were expecting another girl to come but she didn´t.

I can definitely attest that what she´s saying is true. The Lord cares about his children, siempre. No matter who they are or who they used to be. The Spanish is coming slowly but surely. I know that by the end of these six weeks, I´ll have improved. I see improvements in myself every day.


Every day is so busy but I´m never tired. I know it´s the Lord´s work and living your purpose in life never gets tiring. The only time we have to ourselves is exercise and personal study. It´s crazy because I know everything I´m doing is for the lord and I love that I´m here. I´ve been really strong since  I got here and often times, my companions look to me for help because I know Spanish and I can talk to people in Spanish. There are two Latina Hermanas that have become my best friends and I’m so sad that they only stay here for two weeks. It´s hard having to see them go, but I know somehow we´ll stay in touch. Also, police sirens and ambulance sirens go off almost every thirty minutes. It´s crazy. We´ve been outside a few times, and we´re safe, but I heard there´s a lot of riots going on because the Guatemalan VP or someone of importance, got arrested.


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