On 9/24/15 Hermana Mackelprang wrote:

You´ll never believe it. I sang There is a green hill far away solo, a Capella, for a devotional this Sunday. And so many people since then and told me that they felt the spirit and that I sang good. So that´s cool. This week has certainly been better, and it´s going by so fast. Today we ran into some sisters who were from my mission at the distribution center on the way back to the temple. So that was really cool. Our district has been playing a shooting dart game and that´s pretty fun too. Also, in the temple today, one of the old temple workers told me that my Spanish was good. I find myself questioning whether I even spoke English very much prior to now. Also, President Cox has workout videos and he worked out with us and it was pretty hilarious. Also, I´ve lost one pound. Every day our district gets closer and closer, we had some issues with our DL, but since then, we´ve been able to work through them and bond even more than normal. As we get closer as a district, I feel the love that God has for each of his children. I´m also learning alto for another song that my comps and I are going to sing with another district. I think I´ve finally mastered it. I also finished reading the Book of Mormon and I was so excited to finish reading all the last pages that I could hardly contain myself and my heart was beating inside my chest. I´d love to hear from other people from our family. Also, today we´re doing a plank relay, where other hermanas, 4, are each planking for two minutes all against just me. This week I made it to a solid 5. Whoever said you get fat in the MTC was wrong. I´ve been getting quite fit. I don´t know what else to say, but I love you both dearly and I wish the best with mom´s schooling and dad´s … I pray for everyone every night. Especially you both.

God be with you.


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