On 9/15/15 Hermana Mackelprang wrote:

We got to watch (the movie) Ephriam´s Rescue and it reminded me of going to see it in Utah, a couple years back …  I was really frustrated about the language and about speaking in a trio, but this week, after teaching our teacher who pretended to be an investigator, stopped me and he told me that everything is okay and that the lesson went really great. Going to the temple is such a peaceful experience. it´s so crazy how hard Satan will try to implant doubts into my heart about serving my mission. I get silly little doubts every day, but I know that that´s just Satan trying to tempt me and get me to go home. One quote I really liked from the movie, was “you´ve got to lose your life to find it.” I like it so much because I feel like that´s exactly what I´m doing right now. I know I´m being tempted and faced with so many silly doubts, that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Why else would Satan try so hard to discourage me? This week has been frustrating, but ultimately, I´ve learned a lot. I´ve learned to call upon the Lord in everything. Even little things. Today, I was able to talk to someone. I also experienced a tender mercy this week. I was having a rough time teaching in a trio and I ended up crying in one of the lessons with one of the new sister missionaries from this week. A teacher stopped me after, and asked me if I was okay, and I told her I was fine, but then I ended up admitting that I really wasn´t feeling all that well. She explained to me that on her mission she was in a trio for 9 months, and that she understood what it was like and how it felt and how important it was to communicate. I felt like she was the lord reaching his hand out to me as if to tell me that he understood that it´s hard, but no circumstance is beyond his power of consolation or understanding.

About Mary’s mom she said ” I don´t think I´ll ever really get homesick. I think I´m just momsick. I´m so grateful that we had the opportunity to become best friends because I don´t know how I ever would have lived the rest of my life before my mission, had you and I not become so close.”


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