On 10/5/15 Hermana Mackelprang wrote:

here is a pic of Mary with her mission president and wife and one of herself alone after completing her MTC training in Spanish and the Gospel.

HermanaMackelprangWithMissionPres&WifeDSC_8749 HermanaMackelprangPic10-1-15 DSC_8716

I´m currently serving in San Arate (Sanarate). My companion is Hermana Bonilla and she almost has a year into her mission. She´s sweet and very kind and in some ways, reminds me of you. We´re safe, and I have my mailing address.

Hermana Mary Elizabeth Mackelprang

Apartado Portal 340 A

Guatemala, Guatemala

Yesterday, I absolutely adored conference and all I could think of was the moments we spent at home, sitting around the TV as a family, and listening to the Prophet. I was privileged to be able to listen to conference in English. Yesterday I was homesick and Hermana Sonia, which is the woman we live with was making pancakes for dinner. She asked me how many I wanted and I told her two, she made me a third in the shape of mickey mouse. It wasn’t perfect but it was a tender mercy from the Lord because after conference while we were teaching a young boy named Angel all I could think about was home. I don’t think she had any idea how much that really meant to me, but I know that the Lord did. This is further proof that he is in the details of our lives and He knows how to comfort us, when we don’t have the adequate words to express it to other people.

We’re teaching a lot of people, two families went with us to conference. One woman named H who’s investigating the church wants to be baptized but her daughters are fighting against it. Then we have a less active member who came with her twelve year old daughter and much younger son. Her children aren’t members, we asked them to be baptized. I could see the light in their eyes when we talked about the temple and how much they desired to have an eternal family. I am so grateful to have been born under the covenant.

We’ve also been riding in these things called Tuk Tuks and I don’t know how to explain them. Some of the streets here are like San Francisco and it’s so refreshing to look out and see the beauty of the earth God has created for these people, I love where I am.

I love you and I pray for you. With much love, Mary

Mary’s first area of serving is Sanarate in El Progreso (region) with it’s 15,843 habitants is located in Guatemala – about 25 mi (or 41 km) North-East of Guatemala City, the country’s capital town. Sanarate is the largest city in the El Progreso department of Guatemala.

Sanarate is a town within El Progreso. Sanarate has 43 aldeas (villages). some of the most popular are El Upayon, Agua Salobrega, Los Izotes and El Monte Grande. El Barranquillo is one of the many villages that belong to Sanarate. El Barranquillo celebrates its “virgen de Fatima festivities” from October 28 through November 1 or 2. Its festivities enlarge due to a national holiday called “el dia de los santos”.

Here is a pic of Mary and the missionaries in the Mission Home on  10/1/15

HermanaMackelprangMissionGroupPic10-1-15 DSC_8714

Below are some maps which show Mary’s first proselyting area in and around Sanarate Guatemala.



Sanarate is in the LDS Jalapa Guatemala Stake and has a ward in the city.

According to Mary, her most common mode of transportation is the “tuk tuk” as pictured below.  Great gas mileage right??




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